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PROLOGUE - 'A Strong Belief in Technology'

An Industrial desert.... hard and poor times
Independent technology development! We've built a new history out of nothing.

"Nothing's possible without technology."
With this in mind, we have consistently moved ahead.
In the eco-friendly energy plant, advanced defense, auto parts, and precision machinery industries, S&T Dynamics is creating the myth of "a quiet but strong enterprise."

S&T Holdings, a new global leader of the 21st century

Starting with 7 employees as a small company in 1979,
S&T has grown into a "Global Company" that reaches out to every part of the global village. S&T Holdings is at its center..

Through launching a holdings company, S&T is maximizing the enterprise value and the shareholder's profits through prompt decision-making and responsible management.

S&T Holdings is taking off to succeed in this century of unlimited competition through creative management.

S&T Corporation, a world-renowned green energy plant company
S&T corporation
The world is now in an energy war.
S&T Corporation has been recognized in the global market thanks to its unchallenged technological competitiveness in the energy plant industry.

Especially, S&T Corporation has secured core technologies for green energy such as Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), denitrification systems and nuclear power plants including air-coolers which hold the highest share in the world market.

S&T Corporation has become known as a leading green-growth company with its technical excellence and the nation's best production facilities.

S&T Corporation is creating a global brand for the environment-friendly energy plant engineering.

S&T Dynamics, a pioneer of the precision industry
At the frontier of the Korean precision industry, S&T Dynamics has been playing a critical role in promoting Korea's military power by producing the world-class ground, marine, and air-launched weapon systems.

Especially, we developed 800, 1,000 and then the world's first 1,500 horse-power transmission systems based on unchallenged technical competence in the defense industry.

We've been advancing into the power-train business, which has attracted the public interest as an eco-friendly energy source, laying the foundation for future growth.

By presenting extra-large CNC vertical lathes to the global market, S&T Dynamics has been emerging as a top machine tool maker.

In the field of power-train for commercial vehicles and special construction/heavy-equipment vehicles, S&T Dynamics has been establishing a strategic alliance with major global enterprises such as Daimler Benz Trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso, and John Deere.

S&T Motiv, a top global maker of high-tech products
Science moves the world, and technology creates the future.
S&T Motiv, Korea's one and only military firearms maker, has been developing and supplying Korean-style automatic weapons such as the K1, K2, K3, K4, and K5.

Korea Speical Purpose Weapon as a new concept strategic weapon, K11 a next-generation compound rifle, K12 a machinegun and K14 a sniper rifle have proved our true capability in the advanced defense>
With suspension modules, air bag systems, electronically controlled engine parts, power-train automatic transmission pumps and environment-friendly hybrid drive motors, S&T Motiv is leading the future auto industry.

High-tech technical prowess of battlefield electronics such as electronic control systems and instrument boards has given S&T Motiv the name "a top auto part maker.".

SS&T Federation of Savings Bank/S&T Solution, the customer-moving service innovation
Diverse financial products and services to satisfy the customers' needs
Of 100 banks in Korea, S&T Federation of Savings Bank has the highest Forward Looking Criteria (FLC) level, to help increasing the customer's value.

IAs the best BIS (Bank for International Settlement) of the domestic banking industry, we've achieved No.1 in domestic savings bank evaluations in 2004 and 2005. We've been appreciated for being in the black for 13 years.

The S&T savings bank that proves worthy of the customer's trust is what we pursue.

In this era of speedy management, the advanced IT system commands the corporate performance.

S&T Solution supports corporations with the customized information services based on optimum solutions created through advanced information technology. We will keep on challenging for the advancement of IT system.

S&T, the challenge to become a new global leader

S&T is strengthening its quality competitiveness and global network based on accumulated technical competence.

We are establishing a global production system and strategic marketing in liaison with overseas corporations in North America, Central America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, India and China.

S&T is opening up a bright future with science and technology for eco-friendly green-growth. We are laying the foundation for sustainable growth through developing independent techniques like power-trains, hybrid/electric auto parts.

In addition, we are fulfilling the corporate social responsibilities through educational outreach programs for the youth in order to foster talented individuals for the future of technology.

Ending - S&T, an enterprise that opens up the future of science technology power

Having moved forward with passion for the development of science and technology, S&T will strive to remain as a new global leader by of strengthening the nation with technology and immediately implementing feasible plans.

With customer-moving advanced science technology and creative innovation through sound and transparent management, S&T stretches out to the world.

S&T is opening up the future of the science technology power with its challenging, sacrificial spirit, communication and harmony.

Management that moves the customer, top-notch science technology for the next generation.

Audacious Challenges, Heritage of S&T
S&T is soaring!
Thank you