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  • Four listed S&T affiliated companies announced management achievements for 2014.

Four listed S&T affiliated companies (S&T Holdings, S&T Motiv, S&T Dynamics, S&TC) announced the management achievements for 2014 year that Korean International Financial Reporting Standards was applied, on 11.


The holding company, S&T Holdings achieved the sales for 2014, 1.5524 trillion Won, increased by 1.9% based on the connective consolidated financial statement. The operating profit was 65.5 billion Won and net income was 67 billion Won.


S&T Motiv achieved the sales 1.0993 trillion Won, increased by 25.6%, compared to the last year. The operating profit was 69 billion won, increased by 24.5%. Net income was 63.5 billion Won, increased by 112.4%.


S&T Dynamics achieved the sales for 2014, 558.5 billion Won, the net income 2.6 billion Won based on the consolidated financial statement including the management performances of its child companies. 


S&TC achieved the sales for 201, 242.7 billion Won, increased by 20.9%, the operating profit 13.8 billion won d and the net income 11.3 billion Won due to the decline in currency exchange rate.


 “S&T Motiv achieved the increased sales and net profit despite of the long-term global recession and the achieved the sales 1 trillion Won for the first time since the foundation of the company.” “S&T Dynamics caused operating loss because of the 1st trial of the law suit of ordinary wage.”