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Business Ethics
Business ethics is a ‘promise’ for keeping regulations and system of the company.
As soon as not keeping trivial regulations or system, faith with employees and customers is necessarily fragile and company competitiveness is declining. Remember that dishonoring regulations or system is a violation of ethical code and interferes with business ethics, therefore make sure that those regulations and system must be kept although it seems hard.
  • In-Company Business Ethics
    Establishment of work disciplines
    Prohibition of unethical words and behaviors and sexual harassment
    Prohibition of receiving of gifts and financial or material benefits, entertainment
    Protection of company asset and information

  • Business Ethics which are practiced with partners
    Prohibition of receiving of gifts and financial or material benefits
    Prohibition of entertainment and sponsorships
    Selection of partners and fair trade
    Prohibition of equity participation and stock investment
    Prohibition of financial dealings
  • Business Ethics which is built with the parties concerned
    Response to requesting of outside lectures
    Establishment of business ethics for the parties concerned